How can i make my house look more luxurious without spending a fortune?

How to make your house look expensive on a budget: Paint the doors in a contrasting color. Add moldings, wall moldings, or architectural details. An easy way to make a space look more expensive is with neutral colors. Do you want to replace a sofa? Try one with a neutral-toned fabric.

Here are 12 bold color trends for bedrooms. If you want your kitchen to look more expensive for little money, add a splash protector to the drywall under the cabinets. If the tiles are too expensive or you don't feel skilled enough, a self-made pressed tin splash protector is a quick, affordable, tool-free alternative. One of the best interior design tricks to make a house look expensive is to reflect light onto the dark walls opposite the windows with a mirror to make the rooms appear larger and brighter.

We bring you ideas for furniture and lighting, houses that everyone would dream of and luxury properties that defy the global crisis. Add some interesting drawer pulls to a simple dresser or change the knobs on the doors of the house to others with a vintage or ultramodern touch. If you really want to know how to make your house look expensive for free, tidying up doesn't cost anything.

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