How can i make my house look more modern with minimal effort and cost?

How to make your house look expensive on a budget: Paint the doors in a contrasting color. Add moldings, wall moldings, or architectural details. Give your home a luxurious look without embarking on an extensive and expensive remodel. A few quick, low-cost upgrades can make your home look newer, bigger, and more elegant.

Give your space a new appeal with these affordable ideas to make it look more expensive. You can usually find her searching for houses she can't afford on Zillow or Airbnb, planning her next meal before she gets to the restaurant, or taking all of Justin Bieber's classes over and over again in Peloton. By incorporating these home improvements, you can create a modern, stylish home that reflects your personal style. Waiting to clean your room or house until it's so embarrassing that even you can't bear to see it anymore can be a bad strategy.

Gather all your favorite photo memories and put them in some great photo frames around the house.

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