What is the best material for wall covering?

This coating transmits warmth, harmony and balance between all the elements. You can choose the most different types of wood as wall cladding. The materials on your surface mark the fundamental style of your space, which is why it is so important to cover your walls with the right tone. From textured wallpapers to three-dimensional materials, these wall covering ideas will add a special touch to any room.

We present 20 popular wall coverings so you can decide which ones you want to reproduce or how you want to decorate the ones that are already in your home, such as bricks, wood panels, plaster, concrete and much more. And there is still much to do to bring them to life with paint, wallpaper and decorative tapestries. So, without further ado, read all of our wall covering ideas below. The brushed concrete walls mimic the polished concrete floors of this contemporary dining room by Catherine Kwong Design.

The wood tones create a timeless warmth that complements and contrasts beautifully with the avant-garde concrete surfaces. Using chalk paint or a super flat finish can also help you achieve this look, even if you don't have concrete walls. The color variations of zellige tiles make them a sure way to create a living, unique and earthy atmosphere. They are particularly suitable for bathrooms, such as this one from Romanek Design Studio, as they are water resistant and also create a sense of spaciousness when extended from floor to ceiling.

Eliza Carter hung curtains on a bright green accent wall to soften it, accentuate the high ceilings, and introduce an additional touch of pattern. The value of curtains goes beyond their use as a window treatment: they can truly add dimension to any wall. While classic and timeless, this living room by interior designer Kevin Dumais is also having an abundance of fun. To make the room feel even softer and more intimate, Dumais upholstered the walls with leather and then framed it with wooden panels.

If you want to illuminate the wood panels, simply paint over them. Catherine Kwong chose a creamy white color to cover the wood paneling to give this open-concept Hawaiian getaway a sense of spaciousness. They can be made of different materials, such as natural or synthetic fabrics, leather, synthetic leather and velvet. The advantage is that it brings softness to the decoration and also provides good sound insulation.

In addition, upholstered panels with tufts can be created by stitching the upholstery with an underlying padding and achieving different geometric patterns. Some of the most popular types of locks are the cookie, blind, rhomboid and ribbed types. PVC panels are manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. Its waterproof nature makes it very suitable for moisture-laden areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

These panels are very easy to install, are hygienic and do not attract dust. Its non-porous surface also does not promote the growth of mold or mildew. They are available in several colors and as 3D panels that add a lot of pattern, texture, and depth to a space.

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