What are some tips for creating an eclectic atmosphere in my home?

A color palette can help bring together the many disparate elements of the room. Mix and match patterns, prints, and textures. When planning an eclectic-style space, it's easy to think about what colors, textures, and patterns will match the look. I think design is one of the most important things in a room, more than color or fabrics, Konig says.

The layout of the furniture is what will make it comfortable and feel like a room you want to be in. Before you start buying room decor, determine where each piece of furniture will go. You might find that you don't really have room for that peculiar floor lamp or that 19th century trunk. When determining the decoration that you will incorporate into your eclectic design, don't forget that the room is designed to be inhabited.

Let the utility serve as the basis for your decorations, says Konig. It's quite overwhelming to find an empty room and consider the colors and fabrics you'll use to decorate it, but utility is a great element of decor. Think about how you use a room to help bring it together. Consider baskets, book shelves, drink trays, and game tables.

These elements bring a cozy and cozy atmosphere to your room. The nature of the eclectic style is varied, but each room in your home should complement the others. Bring eclecticism throughout your home to create flow, suggests Joybird. Your space will look disjointed if the style changes abruptly from room to room.

If you decide that your home is ready for an eclectic upgrade, make a commitment that is reflected in every room in the house. When choosing the color you prefer, don't be tempted to try wall paints and choose from a range of colors. The colors will do weird things to each other and it will get really confusing, Konig says. Paint the colors you like on the charts, and then look at them in isolation.

Painted boards are also useful as a reference when buying decorative items or fabrics. Make it your goal to find balance in scale and symmetry. Similar lines create harmony in the design, even if the pieces are of different styles, textures, or periods, Joybird says. Texture is an important part of this look.

There's a lot of that. Consider leather, velvet, marble, jute, and a variety of other materials. The high-low contrast created by this mix of textures and materials is crucial to this aesthetic. Eclectic design first appeared in Europe in the 18th century as a technique for architects to produce distinctive designs while maintaining a classic style.

To create an eclectic, eye-catching space that takes the ordinary to extraordinary heights and looks beautiful without looking cluttered, follow these 8 key rules of eclectic interior design to create the style of your home. Eclectic interior design is a style that elegantly incorporates aspects of several design styles into a single space. Allow yourself to break free from the rigid and tiring rules related to standard interior design while designing your home in an eclectic style.

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