Is there a substitute for drywall?

Wood cladding Plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented fiberboard (OSB) are convenient and low-cost solutions for garage walls. They can be quickly attached to the uprights with framing screws and, unlike drywall, wood requires no adhesive tape, mud or sanding. Laminated plaster is composed of a layer of plaster on a substrate, usually a gypsum board, making it similar to a drywall. However, because it's mildew resistant and is much harder than drywall, it's more resistant to damage.

A traditional substitute for drywall that has undoubtedly stood the test of time are wooden planks. Instead of being as difficult to maintain as typical drywall, it gives the house an elegant, rustic character. Plywood is one of the best alternatives for drywall. However, the construction-friendly plywood you'll want to use usually costs more.

Finally, you should check local building codes, as they may not allow it, as it's not as fireproof as drywall. The only problem seems to be that it probably costs twice as much as the cheapest drywall. However, Robinson told Bloomberg that roughly half of the gypsum plasterboard market is dedicated to “premium” products that offer benefits such as better sound insulation, and that's where Adaptavate's climate-friendly cardboard plates could compete. There is no doubt that it will be cheaper than some of the alternatives we have proposed at Treehugger.

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