What type of furniture should i use for home styling?

With a few key pieces of furniture and accessories, you can make your daily arrival and departure sequence a breeze. If you're the type of person who likes to drop everything when you walk through the door, “a console with drawers is great, because it's a good place to hide your keys and mail.” Or, without drawers, a bowl, tray, or other sculptural container can serve as a wildcard to help keep things organized. Feng Shui is important, as the arrangement of furniture and decoration are said to bring positive energy to the home. Tuscan-style furniture borrows the features of Mediterranean design, with richly stained woods and intricate hand-painted designs of natural elements such as flowers and fruits.

The design of Commonwealth or Cromwell houses focuses on the basics: the furniture has straight and severe lines, without intricate carvings or ornaments.

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