What type of wall coverings should i use for home styling?

For example, to create a rustic style, wall coverings such as wood or stone are a safe bet. Likewise, to create a Mediterranean style, Venetian stucco can be a. A particular room style is needed for the look to work, but leather or synthetic leather panels can be used to cover part of the wall. Very suitable for the walls behind a bed, sofa or armchair, the look is very ostentatious, opulent and retro.

Wall coverings include wood panel designs. Here are some ways you can use different textures to cover your walls. Designer Emily Dupen from Dupenny is an illustrator who can create a pattern design for wall space, installation, or fabric. Beautiful geometric patterns made with fabric represent some of the designs of Hygge and West, a female duo that works with a talented team of artists in the design and production of hand-screened wallpapers.

Some are so textured and detailed that covering the entire house with them (or even an entire room) will produce visual overload.

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