What type of furniture placement should i use for home styling?

Always allow flow · 3.Every seat has a friend · 5.The options for placing furniture in a living room are almost endless. The best way to place the sofa, chairs, decorative tables and much more in general depends on the shape of the room and what it is used for. When it comes to any type of interior design, balance is an important aspect. The size and location of certain parts will be the most important part of achieving a uniform design.

Avoid grouping all large pieces of furniture together and be sure to vary the shapes, sizes, and textures of the furniture in the room to maintain balance. An easy way to create a visual flow with furniture is to vary its weight and style, Henderson says. For example, if you have a big, thick sofa, pair it with a delicate coffee table, he says. By mixing a variety of styles and weights, your room will feel balanced rather than “too light” or “too heavy”, and you'll almost always guarantee good flow.

Bowen adds that repetitive colors and shapes can also unite the look of a space, creating a flow that the eye can follow. Consider adding touches of the same tone throughout the space or combining something like a curved sofa with decorative round pillows. Living room rugs are a must. Not only do they tie the space together, but they can also visually separate zones and help buyers understand the floor plan.

It's easy to design a house around what Henderson calls “the fun parts” (choosing furniture and decor, for example) and not on a smart design. According to Emily Henderson, interior designer and home style expert at Target, too much furniture in a room or space can make the design look tight.

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