What are the latest trends in home styling?

Find inspiration and optimism in the styles, materials, colors, and features that are expected to take off this year. The modern rustic style. The trend of silent luxury involves creating spaces that appear sumptuous, sophisticated, and timeless, whatever their appearance. While these two approaches to the quiet luxury trend are different, both incorporate natural elements, layered fabrics and textures, and a general appreciation for the finer things in life.

Expect the bright colors, geometric patterns, and symmetry of Art Deco to take hold of the interior design trends of the past. However, you can't go wrong if you take a look at current design trends and styles, as this expands your knowledge of what's out there. This may not be a new concept, but the passion for creating a natural and healthy space is undoubtedly a growing trend in interior design. Some of the features of coastal grandmothers' home decor fashion include white-lined furniture, light neutral tones, and natural, organic elements, with an overall relaxed and elegant aesthetic.

In addition to coffee tables, countertops, dashboards, and stone floors, some ways to incorporate this trend into your home include handmade pottery and pottery, handmade clay vases, stoneware, and tableware. You might decide to try this trend with wallpaper in the powder room, with a bold color for the walls of the home office, laundry room or dining room, or simply adding some colorful details to the living room. And since natural materials never go out of style, over the past two years we've seen the use of natural materials in home decor grow to the point that it's probably no longer a trend. I'm starting to see this style more often, as designers are moving away from the trend of painting only an accent wall in a room and opting for a bold look on the ceiling.

So what's next for our homes? We asked 10 Southern designers what trends are ready to succeed in the new year. From living room trends to wallpaper and paint trends, there are plenty of easy ways to update your space for the new year.

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